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Natashia Bottoms, MD

  • Why Utah?

    Like a lot of the other people in this program, I entered medical school with completely different plans. Coming from Arkansas, I had no idea that Triple Board existed or that there was a way to combine my repertoire of video game trivia with my enjoyment of diagnosing people with personality disorders. Thankfully, due to the enormous catchment area, robust birth rate, and amazing people and administration in this program, you can do everything you want and more at Utah from pediatrics to psychiatry and everything in between. Because of the location in comparison to the other Triple Board programs, I scheduled my interview for Utah for last and was exhausted by the time it finally rolled around. The second I actually saw the mountains and met the people here, however, I was rejuvenated and enthusiastic all over again. No matter what facility I find myself working in, I truly do feel like I am a valued and respected member of the team and have grown both as a physician and a person in ways I never expected. And I am living proof that you can be athletically challenged and still enjoy the natural wonders of Utah! Good luck out on the trail and hope to meet you soon!


    Springdale, AZ