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Rebecca Powell

  • Why Utah?

    Salt Lake City has some fantastic mountains that I hike in summer and ski in the winter. Southern Utah has my favorite red rocks for camping and rivers for kayaking. Besides my stereotypical Utahan outdoor activities, however, you can find me indoors dancing West Coast Swing. On the weekends I'm not camping or skiing, I'm out of town competing with my Utah WCS dance community. I've traveled to enough states and countries and found other residency programs and places that piqued my interest during medical school,but Utah felt the best. My co-residents, my attendings and mentors -- I wasn't willing to give them up for the novelty of a new place to live. At work, between the volume of children I see at the free-standing children's hospital, the range of patient populations between the adult inpatient psychiatry units in three different hospitals, and the wide variety of community clinics for kiddos I rotate in, my training is solid and I am excited for the opportunities already opening up to me when I graduate.


    St. George, UT