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Frequenty Asked Questions


My system isn't working since my computer was upgraded to Windows 10.

Previously there were files that needed to be installed to correct issues with Windows 10, but now a simple software update should correct your problem. If your version date is current and you're having issues, contact us by phone or email to troubleshoot what's happening.

My Software Update appeared successful, but Version Date didn't change.

 A few different scenarios can cause a software update to fail. 

  1. Someone else is in the system's main menu, which prevents it from being updated.
  2. Your network's firewall is blocking the connection to the RMCDS FTP site.
  3. Your program is mapped to a "UNC path" rather than a letter drive, so the program couldn't locate the folder to put the update files. If your Program Path on your main menu (just above the RMCDS logo) does NOT start with a letter, but starts with "//servername//" instead, you or your IT support can fix this by mapping the rmc2018 folder to a letter drive.
  4. Our FTP site is down, and isn't allowing the programs to download to your computer. Contact us if you've eliminated the other options so we can check!

How do I convert to Version 18 of RMCDS?

Here you can view the v18 conversion instructions for Hospitals or for Central Registries.

A case that I know is in the system isn't showing up in Case Search.

Rebuild your indexes. From the Main Menu, choose the Utilities menu, then Indexes>Rebuild. Click the "Select All" button, and then "Run."

I'm working on a contract and I need to know the specific insurance RMCDS & University of Utah carries.

As a non-profit state educational healthcare entity, we are confident that the insurance for RMCDS & University of Utah meets any needs that arise. You can read further on this here

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