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Rocky Mountain Cancer Data Systems

Rocky Mountain Cancer Data Systems

About Us RMCDS

Rocky Mountain Cancer Data Systems (RMCDS) was established in 1968 as a department of the University Of Utah School Of Medicine (a non-profit state university) to serve the needs of member tumor registries from several states. We are supported solely by the member registries, which include both individual hospital registries and state/regional registries.

Currently RMCDS services 17 state or regional registries, which in turn service hundreds of individual hospitals. Over 450 hospitals nationwide are automated using the RMCDS hospital system. Rocky Mountain Cancer Data Systems is a non-profit organization that has specialized in computerized tumor registries for over 30 years.

We have developed software packages for:

  • Central (State) Registries
  • Regional Registries
  • Hospital Registries

The software is designed to run in either single user mode or in multi-user mode with more than one individual working on the database at the same time.

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