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Mentor Connection at the Department of Surgery

Welcome to Mentor Connection

Mentorship is cited as one of the top reasons that medical students pursue a surgical career.  The careers of many of the Department of Surgery's faculty were influenced by great mentors, solidifying our commitment to mentoring the next generation of surgeons. As in all partnerships, the success of the relationship is based on the equal contributions of both partners—the mentor and the mentee. We hope Mentor Connection will serve as a resource for both medical students and physicians interested in participating in the rewarding experience of mentorship.

Through this program, medical student mentees can connect with mentors from various surgical specialties within the Department of Surgery. As mentees, they can explore different surgical specialties and practice environments, gain exposure to multiple training paradigms, engage in surgical research projects, observe the skills and commitment required of surgeons, and establish a relationship that can serve as a source of future career guidance and sponsorship.