Course Description & Goals

Course Overview 

This course will introduce medical students to the health issues affecting transgender patients.  Through lectures, clinical exposure, and community opportunities, med students will explore discrimination issues, social and legal challenges, primary care and transgender specific care, and specific challenges related to the pediatric and adolescent transgender population.  This will be structured as a continuity course, which will be spread over a full academic year in order to maximize clinical exposure in this multidisciplinary field. 

Course Goals

As a result of successfully completing the course on Transgender Health, medical students will:

  1. Understand primary care issues as they specifically apply to the transgender population.
  2. Gain an understanding of hormone therapy for adults undergoing gender transition.
  3. Be able to appreciate the complex multidisciplinary approach to management of a gender questioning or gender-nonconforming adolescent.
  4. Have a general understanding of surgical interventions for transgender patients.
  5. Understand mental health needs and resources for gender non-conforming individuals.
  6. Gain exposure to community services and resources for the transgender community and will understand social and legal challenges for this community.

Contact Information

Interested students should contact the Student Affairs Office:

Office of Student Affairs
University of Utah School of Medicine
30 North 1900 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84113
(801) 581-3657


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