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Utah StARR Schedule Examples

Utah StARR requires one year of dedicated research time to qualify for program graduation and therefore extends the length of residency by 12 months. These additional months can be split into segments so long as they are at least 3 consecutive months in length, and can be spread across PGYs.

Scholars typically do not start engaging in research until after PGY1. During PGY1, scholars join Utah StARR activities and begin outlining their research goals with their mentors utilizing the Individual Development Plan (IDP) in the Scholar Handbook. Research blocks usually begin in PGY2 or later, and are split to focus 80% on research and 20% on clinical duties.

Research blocks are individualized to the needs of each scholar in cooperation with their residency program. See samples of different "research block" schedules below, or see more examples on the Utah StARR Time Frame page.

Schedules will be individualized based on residency program and resident’s prior research experience. Duration of the program is at least 12 months of dedicated research time.

Clinical Rotations Blocks will include ongoing 1-2 half days a week of Research Activities

Research Training Blocks will include ongoing 1-2 half days a week of Clinical Activities