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Utah StARR Time Frame

Program requirements ensure scholars are allowed 12 - 24 months of dedicated research time


Time Frame

Utah StARR requires one year of dedicated research time to qualify for program graduation and therefore extends the length of residency by at least 12 months. Once the minimum program requirements for 12 months of dedicated research time are achieved, scholars may choose to pursue additional months of research while in Utah StARR up to a maximum of 24 months of dedicated research time while in their residency program.

Dedicated research time can be split into segments so long as they are at least 3 contiguous months in length, and can be spread across PGYs. Each scholar will have a different timeline, as schedules are individualized based on residency program and resident’s prior research experience. Scholars work closely with their Utah StARR mentors and with their residency coordinators to balance their clinical and research duties and ensure they achieve all residency and Utah StARR program requirements.