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Center for Global Surgery

The Center for Global Surgery is a network of providers and professionals at the University of Utah who envision a world where safe, effective, and affordable surgical and anesthetic care is accessible to all people.
Embedded within the School of Medicine's Department of Surgery, the Center positions surgical faculty, residents, and medical students to participate more closely in solving the most vexing problems in global health.

The mission of the Center for Global Surgery is threefold:

  • Address barriers of access to essential surgical care through innovation, research, and advocacy
  • Train the next generation of global healthcare leaders
  • Participate in bi-directional partnerships that help healthcare providers identify and address the specific surgical care needs of their nation and people.



The most important announcements coming out of our newsroom,
the stories and events that mark progress toward our mission.

Latest News

More Global Surgery News
CUGH launches first-ever
Apr 14, 2017

CUGH launches first-ever "Global Surgery" Satellite Session

global health, global, global surgery

At the instigation of the University of Utah, WHO, Operation Giving Back, and the G4 alliance, a spectacularly diverse room gathered professionals from pathology, nursing, anesthesiology, private enterprise, and government at this year's Consortium of Universities for Global Health. The event emphasized the surgical system and promises to become an important anchor for the Global Surgery annual calendar. ... Read More

WHO publishes Global Guidelines for Prevention of Surgical Site Infection
Nov 03, 2016

WHO publishes Global Guidelines for Prevention of Surgical Site Infection

global surgery

These new, first ever Global guidelines for the prevention of surgical site Infection include a list of 29 concrete recommendations distilled by 20 of the world’s leading experts from 26 reviews of the latest evidence. The recommendations have also been published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases and are designed to address the increasing burden of health care-associated infections on both patients and health care systems globally. This is a world first and will be welcomed by doctors and patients alike. ... Read More