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Global Surgery Research

Partnerships to Develop Injury Research Capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa

PI: Dr. Fiemu Nwariaku 

Active since 2016, this project trains researchers in low- and middle-income countries on techniques and methods for performing research aimed at reducing death and disability due to injury. Currently, this project is working with three trainees in Nigeria who are developing innovative research approaches to improving prehospital care outcomes in Lagos and Abuja. Seven long-term trainees have completed their training program during this project period. In addition, the project has delivered short-term training to over 500 individuals including 75 nurses and over 100 ambulance personnel. 


Rwanda 912: an mHealth Application to Improve Quality of Trauma and Emergency Care in Kigali, Rwanda

PI: Dr. Sudha Jayaraman 

This project, operating in two phases, is establishing a mobile health solution, titled “Rwanda912”, to improve prehospital care outcomes in Kigali, Rwanda, through increasing patient location accuracy and facilitating improved communication between all levels of staff involved in emergency care response. Currently, the project is finishing the groundwork of developing Rwand912 and establishing baseline clinical outcomes before implementing the intervention next year, while ensuring stakeholder involvement throughout the project. 


TTS-ILTS: Increasing Liver Transplantation and Expansion of Organ Donor Pool in Mongolia

PI: Dr. Manuel Rodriguez-Davalos 

Currently in its third year, this project exists as a partnership between the University of Utah, Intermountain Healthcare, and First Central Hospital of Mongolia to improve global access to high-quality transplantation services. This partnership's scope includes bi-monthly training meetings and presentations along with an in-house research fellow in the Center for Global Surgery tasked with coordinating scholarly collaboration. Thus far, this partnership has resulted in 3 manuscript submissions being reviewed for publication and 2 abstract presentations. 


Ghana’s Surgical, Anaesthesia and Obstetrics Indicators Collection: A feasibility study for the Utstein Perioperative Metrics

Project PI: Dr. Jade Nunez

This pilot study, funded by the World Federation for Societies of Anaesthesiologists, seeks to assist the Ghanaian Ministry of Health in gathering data regarding five indicators regarding nationwide surgical access in order to inform Ghana’s National Surgical, Obstetric, and Anesthesia plan. Additionally, the study will pilot and validate methods regarding collecting data regarding national surgical access as proposed by the Utstein 2 Surgical Metrics Consensus Meeting to ensure methods will be replicable for other ministries of health across other low-and-middle income countries.