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The School of Medicine aims to provide financial support to medical students at the University of Utah School of Medicine. Last year, approximately 90 percent of the medical student body received some form of financial aid. With the increase in both in-state and out-of-state tuition costs in recent years, it has become a primary goal of the School of Medicine Alumni Association to advocate on behalf of medical student scholarship gifts. You can support the school through one of the following ways.


A Five for Five Scholarship addresses one of our most urgent needs in the School of Medicine, consistent scholarship support for our current students.  The donor makes a $5,000 or $10,000 a year pledge to scholarship for five years (or the amount can be given in one lump sum of $25,000-$50,000 and distributed as scholarship over five years).  The full yearly scholarship amount ($5,000 or $10,000) is awarded to one or two students as scholarship for five years (depending on financial need). It is a named scholarship in the School of Medicine for the five year period, (i.e. the XXXX. and XXXX Scholarship in the School of Medicine). It is established with a gift agreement/pledge with gifting criteria as designated by the scholarship donor.  It can be extended past the five years with a new pledge or a planned gift to continue the scholarship as an endowed named scholarship after the death of the donor, so it will remain in perpetuity as a scholarship in the School of Medicine.

For more information, contact Kristin Wann Anderson, 801-585-3818. You can also make a first gift on-line at, select Medical School Scholarship Program and type Five for Five Scholarship in the Special Instructions section. The SOM Alumni Relations office will then follow-up with you.

The University of Utah School of Medicine Alumni Association Gift Fund (formerly The Dean's Greatest Need Fund) provides alumni of the School of Medicine with opportunities to offer continuing support to the school through their annual gifts. Because these gifts are unrestricted, they give the school flexibility to address specific educational priorities and take advantage of unexpected opportunities as they arise. Past uses have included remodeling the student lounge and furnishing Alumni Hall in the Eccles Health Sciences Education Building, supporting student/alumni programs, including preliminary support to start the Student Wellness Program, establishing the Student Emergency Fund, and additional scholarship support.

The Student Emergency Fund was established to financially assist medical students who are experiencing a temporary hardship due to a significant life event. Details about the Student Emergency Fund.

Learn how to make a gift that provides tax benefits and even life income. Discover the best gift option to meet your goals whether it be a direct gift, bequest, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trust, memorial or endowment, retained life estate or charitable lead trust.  Would you like us to contact you. Email us

To inquire about additional opportunities to support the School of Medicine call the School of Medicine Alumni Relations Office at (801) 585-3818 or send an email attention Kristin Anderson.


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