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Biochemistry's Trainee Support Fund

Thank you to everyone who donated to Biochemistry's Trainee Support Fund in 2024! These funds will make a difference!
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What's Your Story?

Every couple of months, we feature a short bio from one of our trainees.  The full interview, along with archived stories appear here.

Aaron Ferrell

Aaron Ferrell

(May 2024)

What drew you to science?

Growing up, I didn't always want to be a scientist. However, I think I exhibited characteristic traits that would steer me in this direction: innate curiosity, creativity, and persistence. If I had a question I wanted to solve, I wouldn't stop until I obtained an answer. I was always active in my science classes and would say that it was my favorite subject. My decision to become a scientist started when I took chemistry in high school. Not only did I realize I had a natural affinity towards the subject, but I realized that it was something I really enjoyed! Not to mention, I had one of the best and most engaging teachers I've ever encountered. Before becoming a teacher, she worked in industry at a pharmaceutical company and was always willing to answer any career questions I had. Her encouragement along with my curiosity about the biological function of small molecules kickstarted the path I am on today.


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