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DBMI offers four methodology tracks as part of its educational program: 

  1. Data Science, AI, Analytics & Computational Methods
  2. Ethical Issues in Informatics & Data Science
  3. Sociotechnical Design and Evaluation
  4. Standards and Iteroperability


provide depth of training in methodological fields which are critical in biomedical informatics research and for which our program faculty have deep expertise.  We have developed courses in these threads have been designed to allow the trainee to find their starting point and build their skill set and knowledge. For example, a student interested in the Data Analytics thread could start with Introduction to Data Science, followed by Visualization, both classes from Computer Science, and they could build upon this with Applied Machine Learning, Deep Learning for Biomedicine, and Clinical Decision Support. A student with a computer science background could choose a different set of courses from the same thread to complement their current knowledge. In this way, the threads provide a flexible framework for students to develop deep expertise.