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(Last updated May 6, 2021)

Latest update

Date Data version Modifications to pooled data
Apr 2015
Imputed missing education_levelmi1-5
May 2015
Corrected ICD codes for study 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 17, 21, 34, 35. Removed 18 cases from Germany-Heidelberg (due to the following reasons: a) a recurrent case and not incident b) had a competing diagnosis. c) diagnosis earlier than our original time window. Thus, exposure time variables would be influenced.)
Jan 2016
Corrected subsite variables for ICD codes (C10.1 and 146.4) from oropharynx to larynx (variables updated are subtype subtype2 oropharynx larynx oropharynxscc larynxscc)
Apr 2019
Corrected alcohol variables for the Seattle (1985-1995), Los Angeles, Seattle-LEO, and North Carolina (2006-2009) studies. Duration and frequency variables for non-drinkers were updated to be consistent (0).
Dec 2020
Data errors updated. Pooled in East Asia Multicenter study 36.
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