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The following courses comprise the MSPH curriculum for a total of 45 credit hours. Courses are listed in recommended order (though they do not have to be taken in this order).

Required Courses 18 Credits

First Fall Semester

PBHLT 6200 Integrated Public Health  3 credits
PBHLT 6300 Epidemiology I  3 credits
PBHLT 6500 Public Health Systems & Services  3 credits

First Spring Semester

PBHLT 6100 Biostatistics I  3 credits

Second Fall Semester

PBHLT 6311 Public Health & Clinical Research Methods  

Second Spring Semester

PBHLT 7081 Writing and Communication  3 credits

Project/Thesis Hours 6 Credits

PBHLT 6975 / 6977 Project / Thesis Research – MSPH 6 credits
Electives 21 credits 21 credits

All electives must be pre-approved by committee chair

Total Hours: 45 Credit Hours

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