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Resident and non-resident tuition rates and payment schedules can be found on the University of Utah Tuition and Income Accounting Office site.

Division of Public Health Tuition Rates

The Division of Public Health MPH, MSPH, PhD and Certificate programs are approved for the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP). Students receiving WICHE are eligible for resident tuition rates PLUS 10%. Please visit the WICHE website for more information.

Financial Aid

Financial aid in the form of loans may be available depending on need and availability of funds. For more information, please contact the University of Utah Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships at 801-581-6211. The Division of Public Health does not offer financial aid to students. Obtaining financial aid is the responsibility of the student.

Funding Opportunities

PhD students accepted to the program may be offered Teaching Assistant, Graduate Assistant, and/or Graduate Research Assistant positions. The potential benefits offered by the assistantship positions are outlined below. The assistantship positions may include reduced tuition and a stipend as compensation for 20 hours per week of work with a faculty member. The tuition benefit will cover fall and spring semesters. Summer semester is not covered under the tuition benefit. Additionally, the tuition benefit does not cover the public health tuition differential, and admitted students are required to cover the costs of the differential tuition each semester. Admitted students will also receive a stipend for fall and spring semesters.

Please note that students are only eligible for the tuition benefit and stipend if they are a full-time student taking at least 9 credit hours each fall and spring semester. Funding is renewable each semester for students in academic good standing, not on academic probation. To be in academic good standing the student must receive a B- or better in all of your PhD coursework.

Please note: Due to recent changes, the Public Health tuition differential cannot be waived.