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IRM 2013

Cumulative live birth, time to live birth, and birth outcomes among a clinical sample of subfertile women in Utah, in relation to fertility treatments from medical records
Stanford JB

iNEST update
Stanford JB


AAFCP 2013


Addressing infertility from the perspective of primary care, NaProTechnology, and the potential development of a specialty in restorative reproductive medicine
Stanford JB


SPER 2013


Biospecimen Collection Timed to Self-identified Ovulation: Compliance in a Prospective Cohort Study
Porucznik CA, Cox KC, Schmidt LC, Stanford JB

Initial results of the Creighton Model Effectiveness, Intentions, Behaviors Assessment (CEIBA) study
Stanford JB*, Porucznik CA, Singh N, Ostler KC, Krakowiak DS, Crockett RA

Interim Results from the international NaProTechnology Evaluation and Surveillance of Treatment (iNEST)
Stanford JB*, Lowe MT, Kim J, Crockett RA

Cumulative live births and time to live birth among subfertile women seen at a Utah fertility clinic, in relation to treatments identified in medical records
Stanford JB*, Kim J, Sanders JN, Reeves FS, Simonsen SE, Hammoud AO


ISEE 2013


Urinary Bisphenol-A Concentrations Measured on Multiple Consecutive Days in a Prospective, Preconception Cohort
Porucznik CA, Cox KJ, Schmidt LS, VanDerslice JA, Stanford JB, Wilkins DG, Brozek E

Comparison of Single-Day BPA Exposure Estimates to Those Determined by Multiple, Consecutive Daily Sampling in a Prospective Cohort
Porucznik CA, Brozek E, Cox KJ, Schmidt LC, Stanford JB, VanDerslice JA, Wilkins DG