2020 Presentations


Ho T, McCrory K, Alavi M, Stisher C, Richardson E, Phillips J, Snellings J, Kelly C. (Jan. 2020). A Clerkship Director’s Role in Student Choice of Family Medicine: Understanding Their Perspectives Through a CERA Survey. Society of Teachers of Family Medicine – Medical Student Education Conference, Portland, OR.

Rogers CR. (Jan. 2020). Film Screening & Discussion: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Co-Facilitator & Panelist. Dr. Face Everything and Rise: Martin Luther King, Jr. Week 2020, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.


Jones RM. (Feb. 2020). Exposures to Viruses among Healthcare Workers. Education and Research Center Industrial Hygiene Seminar Series, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Baron KG. (Feb. 2020). Consumer Devices Round Table. Academy of Sleep Medicine Continuing Medical Education Course, Tampa, FL.

Baron KG. (Feb. 2020). Sleep and Athletic Performance. Academy of Sleep Medicine Continuing Medical Education Course, Tampa, FL.

Talboys S, Godin S, Hipol F. (Feb. 2020). Statewide Maternal and Child Health Needs Assessment Summit. West Jordan, UT.


*Moore JX, Henson A, Qeadan F, *Huntington MS, Holowatyj AN. (March 2020). Elucidating Determinants of Geographic Variation in Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer Survival Among Men. Forty-Fourth Annual American Society of Preventive Oncology Conference.


*Hoffman A, *Trent S, Allen JA. (April 2020). The Influence of Adaptability and Training on Volunteer Burnout. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference, Austin, TX.

*Lindquist I, Allen JA, Kramer B. (April 2020). There’s More to Meetings: Group Meetings’ Effects on Meaningful and Motivation. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference, Austin, TX.

Kramer WS, *Murugavel V, *Lindquist IA, Reiter-Palmon R, Allen JA, Taylor C, Pringle Z. (April 2020). Teasing Apart Turnover Intentions and Satisfaction: A Classic Analytic Approach. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Austin, TX.

Köhler T, González-Morales MG, Banks GC, O’Boyle EH, Allen JA, Sinha R, Woo SE, Gulick LMV. (2020). Supporting robust, rigorous and reliable reviewing as the cornerstone of our profession: Introducing a competency framework for peer review. Ind Organ Psychol 13(1): 1-27. DOI: http://doi.org/10.1017/iop.2019.121


Schliep K, *Gu L, Qeadan F. (May 2020). Sex Differences in Subjective Cognitive Decline: Finding from the BRFSS national survey (2015-2018). Sex, Gender and Women’s Health Across the Lifespan Virtual Symposium.

Matthews P, Rogers CR, Rogers TN, *Le Duc N, Zickmund S, Powell W, McKoy A, Okuyemi K, Paskett E, Davis F, Griffith DM. (May 2020). “How am I going to let someone run up in my butt with a camera?”: A Qualitative Study of Masculinity-related Barriers and Enablers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Completion among African-American Men. Education, Research, and Community Engagement Summit Virtual Summit.


Jones RM. (June 2020). COVID-19 as an Aerosol Transmissible Disease: Biological Plausibility. American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo. Virtual Conference.


Najmabadi S, Stanford JB. (July 2020). Recent Use of Oral Contraceptives and Menstrual Cycle Characteristics. The North American Regional Conference for Restorative Reproductive Medicine, USA.

Rogers CR. (July 2020). Addressing CRC Screening Health Disparities: A Deep Dive into the Social Determinants of Health. National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) Colorectal Cancer Screening Engagement Project, NACDD’s Peer-to-Peer Learning Call/Webinar.

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