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Research Clearinghouse

Research Clearinghouse: Employer Track

Welcome to U-POWER's Employer track of our research clearinghouse! This clearinghouse offers a curated collection of educational resources and practical tools available to stakeholders interested in improving worker health, safety, and well-being. U-POWER personnel have reviewed the materials and information available from the Centers of Excellence in Total Worker Health® funded by the National Institute in Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), as well as from other relevant sites, and sorted them into categories.

If you're new to the principles of Total Worker Health (TWH) and work equity, we suggest beginning with the category What is Total Worker Health? This category includes short, easy-to-understand resources on this integrated approach to health and well-being. Want a deeper dive? Check out the section on TWH Training. If you're looking for help on a specific issue, check out the categories below!

What is Total Worker Health®?

Total Worker Health (TWH) Training

Implementing TWH

Mental Health at Work

Workplace Wellness

Inclusion & Belonging

Substance Use


Community Engagement

Chemical, Physical, and Biological Hazards

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Healthy Work Environments

icon of a small business

Small-to-Medium Enterprises

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