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Department of Emergency Medicine

Variety of Experience Scholarship


The University of Utah Department of Emergency Medicine is pleased to announce a new scholarship for this upcoming academic year! This Variety of Experience opportunity will be available on VSLO under the same course number as our Sub-Internship. Applications will be due by May 1st, 2024 for rotations occurring between June 2024 and January 2025. Scholarship and rotation offers will be sent out by late May and students will have one week to accept.

The scholarship will provide a $1,500 stipend, which may be used for travel, housing, application fees, and incidental expenses related to the month-long rotation. The stipend will be provided following the successful completion of the rotation. Students will be responsible for their own housing and travel arrangements.

The scholarship will be awarded based on academic achievement, scholarly accomplishments, demonstrated leadership, variety of experience, and interest in pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine.


This scholarship opportunity is available to currently enrolled, full-time fourth-year medical students who have completed their required third-year courses. Students must have completed rotations in Med, Surg, Peds, OB and Emergency Medicine prior to the scheduled rotation. Students must pass USMLE Step 1. Students must be in good academic standing at a LCME accredited institution, be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and meet the same institutional requirements as all rotating medical students. Students must apply for residency in Emergency Medicine. This opportunity is available for all individuals, with the focus being on increasing the richness of experiences and backgrounds of the University of Utah community.  This includes recruiting people from all geographic backgrounds, socioeconomic backgrounds, and all kinds of life experiences.


Our Emergency Medicine Variety of Experience scholarship program is intended to assist students pursuing emergency medicine (EM) as a specialty in graduate medical education, both from an experiential perspective and from a mentorship perspective. This sub-internship is an advanced rotation in EM designed for students who will be applying in Emergency Medicine for residency training. This scholarship program aims to increase the variety of our residency, hospital, and EM physician workforce, focusing on improving healthcare for all.


During this four-week advanced rotation, students will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the University of Utah School of Medicine’s Emergency Medicine residency's educational programs. This advanced rotation includes 14 clinical shifts during which awardees will work directly with attending physicians and senior residents in EM. Participation in hands-on rotating workshops in eye, splinting, toxicology, simulation, and others can be expected. Attendance in all EM Conference, Journal Club, and Simulation education activities during rotation dates will be required. All students will complete the SAEM national examination towards the end of the rotation.

Every student rotator will be offered a SLOE (Standard Letter of Evaluation) for use in the ERAS process. A formative evaluation with top EM advisors will take place at the midpoint of the rotation. Additionally, the department will offer a meeting with Utah EM Residency leadership to discuss career plans and interest in further EM training. All visiting rotators will be interviewed for residency with the University of Utah during their rotation month.


Interested applicants must complete the Utah EMVoE elective application with a personal statement (see instructions on Utah application in VSAS). Within your statement, please provide an essay describing your unique life experiences and how this perspective will add to the University of Utah (<500 words). Also, you must upload your medical school transcript and statement of intent for EM in the VSAS application.

To be considered for this scholarship, applications on VSAS are due no later than May 1st, 2024. Four scholarships per academic year will be awarded. Applicants chosen for this award will have a week to accept the scholarship and the chosen rotation month via VSLO.

EMDoE Scholarship