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COVID Policies

  • Masks are encouraged but not required for those who attend iCSD in person. Masks will also be made available at the venue for your use. For meal and break times, we plan to provide ample space for dining, encourage physical spacing as able, and are working with our venue to provide open, well-ventilated areas for the conference sessions, meals and breaks.
  • Proof of vaccination status will not be required to attend iCSD. However, for those able to receive this protection, we strongly support vaccination and boosters as recommended by the CDC and encourage participants to self-test for COVID before attending.
  • Importantly, if you experience any symptoms and/or have been exposed to someone who is acutely ill, please do not attend in person. To switch to virtual registration, email

We are incredibly grateful for your understanding and continued support for the millions of people living with post-infectious conditions and the processes that will prevent future cases.

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