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The Gap in Care

Chronic dizziness is a common complaint that can be very disabling, often resulting in multiple consults without clear treatment plans for which there is advancing understanding and treatment options available. Many patients can suffer for years, seeing multiple providers without a path for treatment.  

About Us

The Dizzy School is brought to you by the Utah Chronic Dizziness Collaborative (UCDC), a​​​ group of therapists and doctors working collaboratively across multiple health care systems to support patients and mobilize healing pathways for chronic dizziness across the Wasatch Front/Salt Lake region. The UCDC was formed in 2021 by Janene Holmberg, PT, (Intermountain Health) and Judith Warner, MD, (Department of Neurology, University of Utah Health). Since then, the UCDC has been working to be a resource for both patients experiencing chronic dizziness and their physicians.


Our Vision

The vision of the UCDC is to advance the care and management of patients suffering with chronic dizziness through collaborative-care process development across multiple health systems, including Intermountain Heath, University of Utah Health, and others. 

Our Missions

  • Improve and advance the care for patients with chronic dizziness—more formally known as persistent postural perceptual dizziness (3PD or PPPD)—and vestibular migraine
  • Provide more healthcare providers and behavioral health clinicians with a greater knowledge of the condition
  • Foster interdisciplinary networking of rehab, medical, and behavioral health professionals with the purpose to identify “best practice” care processes, strengthen rehabilitation therapy programs, and build clinician and patient care resources

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