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Pronunciation Guide

Audiologist [ah-dee-AHL-uh-jist]

Computerized Dynamic Posturography [poss-tyur-AH-gruh-fee]

Electrocochleography [ee-lek-troh-cahk-lee-AH-gruh fee]

Myogenic [my-oh-JEHN-ik]

Neurologist [nur-AHL-uh-jist]

Neuro-ophthalmologist [nur-oh-opf-thah-MAHL-uh-jist]

Neurotologist [nur-oh-ah-TAHL-uh-jist]

Otolaryngologist [ah-tow-lair-in-GAHL-uh-jist]

Vestibular [ves-STIB-yoo-lahr]

Videonystagmograhy [vid-ee-oh-neh-stag-MAH-gruh-fee]

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