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Medical students, students in the physician's assistant program and pharmacy students may rotate on the neurology service.


  • Medical students at the University of Utah School of Medicine have a scheduled one month rotation in neurology where two weeks are spent on the in-patient service, which includes our neurocritical care service, and two weeks are spent in both general neurology and subspecialty clinics.

  • Medical students outside the University of Utah are welcome to participate in this same schedule, which commences on the first day of each month.

  • For those students interested in participating in electives beyond the one month general neurology elective, students can choose a unique elective by identifying a neurology attending as a preceptor.

    • Goals and objectives should be submitted to the neurology preceptor one month prior to the scheduled elective, at which time they will be reviewed.

Elective Areas

Students may choose to participate in an elective in any of the following areas:

  • General neurology,
  • neuro-critical care medicine (neuro-intensive care unit clinical work),
  • independent research,
  • neuro-immunology,
  • stroke,
  • epilepsy/EEG,
  • neuromuscular/EMG,
  • neurogenetics,
  • pediatric neurology,
  • neuro-ophthalmology, and
  • cognitive disorders.