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While residency can place seemingly never-ending demands on residents, residents need a healthy balance between work and leisure activity to stay well.

One of the biggest unknowns for medical students applying to residency is the uncertainty of what life will be like once July 1st arrives. At the University of Utah, we adhere strongly to the ACGME 80-hour work week, ensuring that residents can have time with family and friends.

Our residents and staff at the University of Utah are fortunate to have four-season outdoor activities in Salt Lake’s close canyons and mountains. When we are at work, we work hard, but when that’s over, we know we have a big backyard to explore and we each try to take every advantage of it.

Get a glimpse into our program and watch Dana Sugar, MD as she goes through a day in the life of a University of Utah adult neurology resident.

A Day in the Life of a Resident

Why Utah?

What Our Faculty and Residents Say

Resident Life in Pictures

Residency Picture 23
Enjoying the Utah powder
Residency Picture 9
Hiking buddies
Residency Picture 18
Attending a Real Salt Lake soccer game
Residency Picture 21
A beautiful wedding
Residency Picture 22
Utah lakes are the best
Residency Picture 20
Proof of life outside of residency!
Residency Picture 19
Residents in the clinic
Residency Picture 4
Walking the dogs
Residency Picture 15
Match Day!
Residency Picture 14
Residents in the clinic
Residency Picture 13
A View of Hawaii
Residency Picture 17
A snowy hiking day
Residency Picture 16
A day on the slopes
Residency Picture 6
Residents hiking in Southern Utah
Residency Picture 8
Residents in their white coats
Residency Picture 12
Catch of the day
Residency Picture 11
Hiking in the autumn time
Residency Picture 10
At a Cubs game
Residency Picture 5
Residents in the clinic
Residency Picture 3
Attending Hamilton
Residency Picture 2
Residents in the clinic
Residency Picture
Ally and Samantha at Orientation
Ally and Samantha at Orientation
Knut and Fish
Knut catches a fish
Eric Resident
Eric trying not to fall
Matt and Sarah Skiing
Matt and Sarah enjoying the slopes
Matt and Family in Zion
Matt and family in Zion
Adrian and Dog
Adrian hanging out with his two best friends
Ax-Throwing Residents
Resident ax-throwing party
Residents Dressed Up
All dressed up for a resident's wedding
Resident White Elephant Party
PGY-2 white elephant party
Adam and Eric
Best buddies, Eric and Adam, enjoying the outdoors
Adrian's Dog
Adrian's new addition to his family
Olympic Pool
Ski jumping at Utah Olympic Park
Shea and Family on a Hike
Shea and family on a hike overlooking SLC
Residents at Farmers' Market
Enjoying the farmer's market
Brains and Brews
Brains and Brews get-together
Residents at Natural History Museum
Girls' night out at the Natural History Museum
Matt and Family in Moab
Matt and family at Moab