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An experience is worth a thousand lectures

The LIFT Simulation Design Lab uses experiential learning and expert facilitation to elevate team conversations, engage communities and transform systems.

What We Do

The LIFT Lab designs and facilitates learning experiences to uncover the causes of complex problems, and then engages healthcare teams and community members to work together to imagine solutions to those problems. We accomplish this by:

  • Designing highly individualized learning experiences: The LIFT Lab engages key stakeholders right from the beginning—to work with our lab on designing the learning experiences. All our design processes begin with seeking to holistically understand the problem at hand. This can mean interviewing stakeholders, conducting a comprehensive landscape analysis, or prototyping learning experiences for stakeholder feedback and refinement.

  • Facilitating experiential learning: The LIFT lab creates custom trainings to fit the specific needs of your team. The actual “event” can take many forms—simulation, action planning, community conversations, interactive theater, facilitated LEGO workshops. All of learning experiences adhere to the same framework: 1) establish a safe learning space, 2) conduct a group learning experience and 3) guide a facilitated debrief.

  • Capturing solutions: The LIFT Lab works with participants and stakeholders to transform the discoveries from the experiential learning into actionable change. This often means action planning with the learning participants and stakeholders. The LIFT Lab’s researchers also collect data around identified solutions and training effectiveness, which they provide to the stakeholders to guide decision-making.

LIFT Services

In response to COVID-19, the LIFT Simulation Design Lab will continue to do simulation under modified guidelines. View our updated simulation guidelines.


A  meeting with LIFT lab staff to discuss what you envision for your team and how LIFT Simulation Design Lab can help you reach your goals. 30 minutes.

Simulation Design

A collaboration with the LIFT lab to create a simulation scenario that is both realistic and challenging for your team. The LIFT lab will then develop an individual or series of simulations for educational, professional, or clinical scenarios.

Meeting Facilitation

LIFT lab facilitators act as a third party participant in your team’s solution-based discussion of systems or project improvements. The LIFT lab will facilitate structured team-building and communication exercises. 

Full Simulation Facilitation

The LIFT lab will develop and run a simulation scenario for your team. As your team participates in the simulation, team members have an opportunity to make mistakes in an environment in which they can learn from those mistakes and fix them. After the scenario is complete, a LIFT team member will facilitate a group discussion where team members acknowledge what parts of the scenario went well and identify opportunities for systems or team improvement.


The foundation of LEGO® is building and imagination,  SERIOUS PLAY® takes that foundation and challenges participants to think creatively about team and systems process within their organization. Each team member receives an identical building kit of LEGO, and are asked to create representations of different scenarios. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® can be used for meeting facilitation and program planning.


Originally created for our microaggression and implicit bias trainings, SIMProv can be applied in any situation. In the world of SIMProv, a facilitator pairs participants and has each partner reenact an implicit bias scenario they have experienced, with the opportunity to pause and course correct. In implicit bias trainings, participants practice recognizing and Calling-In microaggressions. SIMProv can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your team.

Curriculum Consultation

The LIFT team will work with you to develop or review your existing curriculum and identify the areas where simulation and experiential learning can augment your students' learning. The LIFT team can also integrate simulation to create a comprehensive program that meets your needs.