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International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) Conference 2019 - Madrid

Sep 23, 2019

The University of Utah is a proud sponsor and supporter of the 2019 ISA Conference that will be held in Spain this October 2019. The ISA Conference is a unique opportunity to bring both researchers and parents together to discuss Stillbirth research, prevention, and support. Anyone can attend the conference, and they are now offering online streaming of the talks to better reach interested parties. 

Dr. Robert Silver, OBGYN Chair for the University of Utah, will be speaking at the conference. Dr. Silver has specialized in Stillbirth research for over 30 years and will discuss "Risk based induction of labor as a strategy to prevent stillbirth: Friend or Foe?"

Learn more about ISA and their goals.

Find information on the conference or attend/sign up for online attendance.


UPDATE: Below is Dr. Silver presenting on the induction of stillbirth at the ISA Conference.

Dr. Silver presenting at the ISA Conference.

Dr. Jessica Page also won an award for her poster on "Unexplained Stillbirth: Can risk factors be identified?"

Dr. Jessica Page standing next to her poster at the ISA Conference.Close up of Dr. Page's Poster and award at the ISA Conference.