MCAT Summer Scholars Program

An eight week in person program sponsored by the office of Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (OHEDI) at the University of Utah School of Medicine focused on aiding undergraduate students from underrepresented populations in medicine to help strengthen their applications to Medical School. Students are afforded opportunities in research, patient exposure, volunteer opportunities, and the Kaplan course and writing seminar. Students are competitively selected in the spring for summer admission and upon selection are expected to attend weekly meetings with the cohort and staff advisors. 

Included: Kaplan Course & Writing Seminar

included with the program is Kaplan MCAT Prep which reviews all subjects pertaining to the Medical Collage Admission Test. Students receive all course materials and have supplemental instruction from a qualified tutor  to augment the Kaplan Course, as well as a group study and access to test banks and practice exams. To ensure readiness for the application for medical school, all students participate in a professional writing seminar that focuses on personal statements and meet with a staff member to review application materials prior to submission.


2021 MCAT Program Application will open in January 2021 


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