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Sherman Coleman Graduation Seminar

2024 Resident Graduation
2024 Resident Graduation
Dr Brodke Resident Graduation 2023


The entire Department of Orthopaedics gathers once each year, in early June, to celebrate the graduating residents and fellows and hold an academic seminar to highlight resident research. Graduating residents present their research for discussion by the faculty and other residents. 

The event also hosts a distinguished guest orthopaedic surgeon, who gives lectures and participates in the discussion of the graduates and awarded research projects.


Recent Past Visiting Professors

  • 2014 Bruce Sangeorzan, MD 
  • 2015 James Carpenter, MD 
  • 2016 Judith Baumhauer, MD 
  • 2017 Mr. Haemish Crawford 
  • 2018 Regis O’Keefe, MD 
  • 2019 Lawrence Marsh, MD 
  • 2020 Rick W. Wright, MD 
  • 2021 Joshua J. Jacobs, MD 
  • 2022 Mitchel B. Harris, MD 
  • 2023 James Kellam, MD
  • 2024 Peter C. Ferguson, MD

2024 Graduate Project Titles & Grants

Additionally, each class below the graduates is encouraged to submit a research project for consideration of the Sherman Coleman Resident Research Award. The award is given to the best project in each class, presented at the seminar, and comes with a $1,000 gift.

  • Megan Campbell, MD: “Outcomes of Midfoot Arthrodesis After Failed Lisfranc ORIF: Should We Be Primarily Fusing Every Lisfranc?”
  • Joseph Featherall, MD: “The Distal Femoral Physis: A Three-Dimensional Analysis and Common Surgical Applications”
  • Adam Kantor, MD: “Familial Analysis of Nonunion in a Genealogic Population Database Demonstrates No Evidence of Heritable Risk”
  • Matthew Philippi, MD: “Therapeutic TNF-alpha Delivery After CRISPR Receptor Modulation in the Intervertebral Disc”
  • Lillia Steffenson, MD: “A Multicenter Analysis of Masquelet's Induced Membrane Technique for Acute Traumatic Bone Loss”

Darrel S. Brodke, MD

Chair of the Department of Orthopaedics

Helen Anderson

Academic Program Manager