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Trevor Memmott portrait

Trevor Memmott, MD

  • About Me

    Hometown: Morgan, UT

    Undergrad: Brigham Young University

    Medical School: University of Texas School of Medicine at San Antonio

    Career interest/interests within pediatrics: Neuro-oncology, immunotherapy, cancer outcomes in Hispanic patients

    Hobbies/interests outside of work: Spending time with my wife and kids, reading, writing, art, DIY projects, hiking

    Career before medicine if applicable: Teacher, curriculum designer

    Why Utah Pediatric HemOnc: There is nothing better than doing what you love in your home state. The program is phenomenal, the variety of pathology and diverse patient population provide a great opportunity for learning, and there is a robust research infrastructure. 

    What is your favorite part about our program: The people

    What is your favorite part about living in Salt Lake City: Easy access to the outdoors and all the comforts of living in the city.

    What cool research/advocacy/education/scholarly work are you participating in: I haven't started yet, but I am looking forward to starting my research in my second year.

    What is something you didn’t know before coming to Utah that you wish you did: I've lived here my whole life, but something I missed while away was the beautiful landscape and how easy it is to take advantage of it.

    What are your plans following fellowship: I plan to pursue additional training in neuro-oncology