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Faculty and staff biostatisticians in the Data Coordinating Center support studies from inception through manuscript publication. Our biostatisticians perform sample size and power calculations and write statistical analysis plans. We ensure that data will be available and usable through detailed review of data collection worksheets and database design as well as database testing before study enrollment begins. During enrollment, our biostatisticians support the study by monitoring data for issues, creating reports, and planning and preparing for manuscript analysis. As part of the manuscript development process, we provide high-quality figures and tables and verify accuracy of results. Specific biostatistician activities include:

  • Sample size and power calculations
  • Statistical analysis plans
  • Creation of analysis datasets and specifications
  • DSMB reports and interim analyses
  • Other analyses and reports during study enrollment
  • Identify and report data issues
  • Consultation and communication with study PIs
  • Planning, analysis, and writing of manuscripts
  • Creation of public use datasets
  • Quality assurance of each other’s work (dual programming and code review)