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Q: I have an NIH-funded or NIH application trial. I am interested in learning if the Utah Data Coordinating Center (DCC) could support my study.

A: The Utah DCC is a full-service Academic Research Organization (ARO) that operates a comprehensive Clinical Coordinating Center (CCC) as well as a Data Coordinating Center (DCC). We provide comprehensive support for many types of trials. Our team has expertise in site management, Single IRB, FDA-regulated trials, and we have successfully worked with many NIH institutes. We can manage your entire project as your DCC partner or we can collaborate with another Clinical Coordinating Center and solely provide data and statistical support.

Q: What are the first steps?

A: The Utah DCC process initially includes a brief introductory meeting to determine if our services are a good match for your needs. We request that you provide us with a summary of your protocol, state of development, budget, timeline, and other basic information.

Q: I am not a part of the University of Utah and the University of Utah is not going to be one of our enrolling sites.  Can I still use the Utah DCC to run my trial?

A: Yes, the Utah DCC can serve as the DCC and/or the CCC for your study, even if the University of Utah isn't one of your enrolling sites.

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