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Q: Does the Utah Data Coordinating Center (DCC) provide standalone services in statistical related work (e.g., DSMB, statistical analyses, statistical design)?

A: The Utah DCC has eight faculty statisticians and more than 20 Masters-level statisticians. This group has extensive expertise in:

  • Study design
  • Preparing DSMB materials
  • Leading DSMB meetings

We can also assist with analyses, randomization design, publications, and other statistical work.

Q: Does the Utah DCC assist with study protocol development?

A: Yes, study design development and protocol writing is one of our strengths!  We have expertise in developing feasible, executable protocols and grants. While we prefer to partner with you early in the protocol development process, we can also partner later in the process as well. We can help you with implementing the protocol at your study sites.

Q: I have already begun my study and have enrolled participants.  Can the Utah DCC still help me with running my study?

A: Possibly- please reach out to us! We do offer 'menu-driven' services so that investigators can choose the services that they need.

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