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Principal Investigators

We provide faculty biostatisticians and physicians to serve as Principal Investigators (PIs) for a multitude of industry-, government-, and philanthropy-funded networks and studies.

Our PIs have expertise in study design, regulatory compliance, data management, project management, and statistical analyses. We strategically partner with you to meet the current and future needs of your project.

Our biostatistician faculty PIs can provide expertise in:

  • Complex trial design (e.g., enrichment, hybrid stepped wedge, adaptive design)
  • Statistical modeling (e.g., longitudinal survival, other regression analyses)
  • Probabilistic linkage
  • Bayesian statistics
  • Prediction rules (e.g., Classification And Regression Trees [CART] Analyses)
  • Developing and maintaining longitudinal patient registries
  • Large databases
  • Small sample sizes (i.e., exact inferences)

We have strong partnerships within the University of Utah to provide expertise in Health Economics.