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Project Management

Our project management team manages multiple projects simultaneously, while operationalizing and implementing study activities. We also:

  • Coordinate meetings
  • Conduct teleconferences
  • Track documentation of all study activities/processes
  • Work closely with site Research Coordinators

A main responsibility of our DCC Project Managers is to lead the study team, drive timelines, enforce deadlines and track decisions made. We also provide logistical support, as well as, develop and support best practices.

Throughout the duration of the study, into the last stages of the study, our DCC Project Managers will assist with the following:

  • Review/incorporate clinical workflow
  • Create worksheets
  • Develop Manual of Operations
  • Facilitate education and training
  • Assist with publications
  • Facilitate safety monitoring
  • Conduct study monitoring
  • Project Managers promote success within the project and study team.