PM&R Grand Rounds: Continuous Quality Improvement FY21 CQI Projects

June 2, 2021 

James R. Swenson, MD Scientific Symposium And Research Day

May 20, 2021 

PM&R Senior Symposium: A New Era in Neuromuscular Disease: Implications for the Physiatry Community

Presented by: Sarah Breevoort, MD, PhD
May 5, 2021 

PM&R Senior Symposium: The NICA Injury Surveillance System: An Investment in Our Future

Presented by: Meredith Ehn, DO
April 7, 2021 

PM&R Senior Symposium: Amputee Pain and Intradepartmental Collaboration

Presented by: Cole Cheney, MD
March 3, 2021 

PM&R Senior Symposium: Racial Disparities in Rehab

Presented by: Elizabeth Baillargeon, MD
February 3, 2021 

PM&R Senior Symposium: Skeletal Muscle Atrophy: Novel Applications of Known Therapeutics

Presented by: Sarah Eby, MD, PhD
January 6, 2021

Pushing the Boundaries of Knowledge: Clinical Spine and Musculoskeletal Research at the University of Utah

Presented by: Zachary McCormick, MD, FAAPMR
December 2, 2020

Exercise strategies for cancer prevention and survivorship

Presented by: Adriana Coletta, PhD, MS, RD
November 4, 2020

Neuromuscular Complications of Cancer and Chemotherapy

Presented by: Kelsey Barrell, MD
October 7, 2020

Lessons from Philosophers, Elite Athletes, and Trauma Survivors; How Resiliency Can Inform Institutional Practices in Health Care 

Presented by: Summer Rolin, PsyD 
September 16, 2020

White Identity, Race and Racism

Presented by: Amy Cowan, MD
September 2, 2020

James R. Swenson, MD Scientific Symposium And Research Day

May 28, 2020 

PM&R Senior Symposium: Inpatient Cancer Rehabilitation: Evidence and Considerations

Presented by: Jake Christiansen, DO
May 6, 2020 

PM&R Senior Symposium: Stimulating Topics in PM&R

Presented by: Quinn Tate, MD
April 1, 2020

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