PhDs in population health sciences with a biostatistics emphasis are the leaders of data-driven health care delivery. Graduates will direct research in academic, government, policy and health system settings.


Population health scientists with expertise in clinical and translational epidemiology use advances in understanding of the molecular basis of disease to improve patient treatment and outcomes.

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Population health is at the heart of a shifting health care landscape, using rigorous methodologies and research design to strategically improve care delivery to patient populations.

PhDs in population health sciences are at leading edge of a new interdisciplinary approach to health care for people worldwide.

PhD Program

The mission of the Population Health Sciences PhD program is to produce academic leaders who are committed to improving patient and population-oriented care in an increasingly complex health care delivery system. The objectives of the Population Health Sciences PhD program are aligned with ongoing initiatives at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center that are focused on improving health care quality and strengthening value-based outcomes.

The PhD in Population Health Sciences will prepare graduates to shape and foster data-driven quality healthcare in this country and abroad. The collaboration between health systems researchers, translational epidemiologists, and biostatisticians throughout the program exemplify team-based and collaborative research from inception. There will be a seamless transition from students to professionals in the field to leaders in healthcare transformation, mirroring the shift in medicine towards multi- and trans-disciplinary collaboration.

Emphases in Biostatistics, Clinical & Translational Epidemiology, and Health Systems Research

The Population Health Sciences PhD Program employs an interdisciplinary approach to educate students in rigorous scientific and analytic methods to improve population health, with a focus on strategies to improve the delivery of care to patient populations. Graduates of the PhD program will have specific knowledge in the emphases within population health sciences, specifically biostatistics, translational epidemiology, and health systems.

The PHS Student Handbook

Education Team

Maureen Murtaugh

Maureen Murtaugh, PhD
Director of Graduate Studies


Brigette Dunbeck

Brigette Dunbeck, MPA
Academic Advisor


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