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Students as Teachers Pathway


Background and Overview

Every patient encounter is a teaching encounter. Physicians are responsible for educating patients and their families about medical conditions and treatments. Their ability to clearly explain a diagnosis and treatment plan directly impacts health outcomes and patient satisfaction. Further, many physicians provide education at the community level through outreach and advocacy work.


Medical schools across the country are now developing initiatives to teach medical students how to teach. GME programs nationwide are developing Resident as Teacher and Fellow as Teacher curricula. Masters programs in Medical Education are becoming more and more common. At the University of Utah, the Students as Teachers Pathway has been developed for students with a special interest in teaching and medical education.


Why You Should Consider the Pathway

  • You want to be able to better educate patients and their families
  • You are interested in working as a Teaching Assistant during medical school
  • You want to be an excellent resident teacher
  • You plan to participate in advocacy and community outreach
  • You are interested in a career in academic medicine
  • You are interested in a career as a clinician educator



Pathway Objectives

To provide students with a strong interest clinical education and/or careers as clinician educators opportunities and structured experiences to develop advanced skills in clinical education methodology as well as mentorship to help guide a career medical education

Example Activities Within The Pathway

Students will gain experience in the following areas:

  • Adult learning theory and learning styles
  • Writing goals and objectives for teaching sessions
  • Small group teaching
  • Bedside teaching
  • Formal teaching sessions
  • Lesson planning and curriculum design
  • Providing meaningful feedback to peers and other learners
  • Medical education scholarship
  • Direct mentorship
  • Career development as a Clinician Educator

Example Pathway Schedule


  • Introduction
  • Embedded formal teaching activities: CBL, CMC
  • Year 1 Pathway Electives


  • Embedded formal teaching activities: CBL, CMC
  • Year 2 Pathway Electives


  • Embedded formal teaching activities: Clerkships
  • Begin Capstone Project



  • Formal Teaching Elective
  • Year 4 Pathway Electives
  • Complete Capstone Project



For more information, contact: Kathryn Moore ( and/or Emily Signor (










For any further questions please contact:

Kerri Shaffer, MEd, MLIS
Director of Curriculum and Faculty Support