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University of Utah Intermountain Healthcare Population Health Scholars Program

Population Health Scholar's Program

The University of Utah Intermountain Healthcare Population Health Scholars is a new collaborative medical education program developed between the Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine at the University of Utah and Intermountain Healthcare. You can see read the official press release of the program here.

Program Mission

The mission of this initiative is to improve the health and well-being for the people of Utah and the Intermountain West by training the next generation of physicians to deliver care using an innovative and robust population health framework. This program provides students a comprehensive education focused on delivering population-oriented healthcare, with a specific focus on preventative, high-quality, affordable care, centered in local communities and targeting the prevention of disease and restoration of health.

Program Overview

Selected Scholars participate in the program throughout their 4 years of medical school and stay in contact with the program throughout residency. While in medical school, scholars are expected to complete a Graduate Certificate in Population Health Sciences. This certificate provides population health curriculum and experiential learning opportunities to facilitate an understanding of the foundational concepts needed to implement a population health framework as a practicing physician. Additionally, scholars participate in program learning experiences and activities with Intermountain Healthcare, including shadowing and Intermountain physician mentorship, to provide first hand experiences of what it's like to practice at Intermountain Healthcare.

Upon completion of medical school, scholars are expected to specialize in 1 of 6 population health specialties: Family Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Psychiatry, and Internal Medicine. Scholars can pursue residency at any program that fits their career goals and ambitions. Upon completion of residency, scholars will be offered an employment opportunity with Intermountain Healthcare to return and practice within their organization. Through their training, scholars will be able to practice and implement their knowledge of population health to ensure individuals are receiving the highest quality care possible.

Program Components

The programs is comprised of four (4) main components: financial assistance, curriculum, mentorship and program activities, residency and employment. You can read more about each component below.

    Through substantial financial contributions made by Intermountain Healthcare, participants of the program receive a forgivable loan that covers half of tuition and fees (at a Utah resident rate) through four (4) years of medical school. If the scholar returns to practice at Intermountain Healthcare and completes the work obligation of the program, their loan will be forgiven in entirety.

    Scholars are expected to complete a Graduate Certificate in Population Health Sciences during their 4 years of medical school. This certificate requires students to participate in population health coursework, experiential learning, and complete a population health capstone project. This is a unique opportunity to learn foundational population health related knowledge and skills and something the student can highlight as they begin applying to residency programs.

    Scholars will be paired with Intermountain physician mentors. The focus of this mentorship component is on professional development, networking, and providing scholars first-hand experience of working for Intermountain Healthcare.

    Additionally, there are a variety of program activities that are offered to participants. This includes annual large group events with leadership from Intermountain Healthcare and University of Utah Health, monthly cohort meetings, population health seminars, and shadowing opportunities. Scholars will have the opportunity to get involved in projects related specifically related to Intermountain Healthcare Community Health Initiatives, Select Health, Castell, and Precision Genomics.

    Upon completion of medical school, it is expected that participants will pursue residency in one (1) of six (6)  population health specialties: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Ob/Gyn, General Surgery, Psychiatry, or Pediatrics. Upon successful completion of their residency program, scholars will be guaranteed an employment opportunity with Intermountain Healthcare at one of their many world class locations. 

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