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The Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI—formerly University Neuropsychiatric Institute or UNI) is a large, freestanding psychiatric hospital that draws patients from the entire Mountain West region.

Residents do the majority of their adult inpatient rotations at HMHI. There are five adult units, appropriate for varying levels of acuity, one of which was recently renovated to serve more medically complex patients. Attendings are not tied to a specific unit and rather are assigned patients in a rotation, meaning that the pathology seen by a given resident remains varied and educational. Residents are exposed to a wide range of patients, from those with severe and persistent mental illness to those who are cared for within a private practice model. Each team is assigned a social worker. Residents are able to dedicate their time to providing patient care and learning the foundations of psychiatry.

Residents do one month of addiction psychiatry at HMHI. While residents care for dual-diagnosis patients in all of their rotations, the addictions rotation provides an intensive experience managing the psychiatric and medical implications of acute alcohol, sedative-hypnotic, opioid and polysubstance withdrawal in the inpatient setting. Residents work with fellows and attendings from UNI’s addiction fellowship.

Residents do 1-2 months of their child psychiatry expectation at HMHI. HMHI is host to a strong Child Psychiatry fellowship and has 66 child and adolescent inpatient beds. These include a latency unit, two teen units, and space for the comprehensive treatment (CAT) program, which treats diagnostically-challenging youth from around the country and world who have exhausted the resources and services within their home communities.

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