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For high quality, locally-sourced brunch, we recommend Rye and Tradition. For comfort food in a cute, upbeat space, we recommend Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade or Pig & a Jelly Jar. Want to keep it simple? Check out The Park Cafe (great food without the hip flair of the other places) or pick up some toasts at Tulie Bakery (their olive oil cake is also phenomenal). Some residents have also made it a habit to meet each other for Dim Sum at New Golden Dragon.


For whatever reason we are interpreting ‘lunch’ to mean the same thing as ‘sandwich,’ so here are some places to pick up one up! Pretty Bird makes a spicy fried chicken sandwich that has a dedicated following. For more picnic-style fare, check out Caputo’s Market and Deli (while you’re there, sample their unparalleled rotating selection of 400 fine chocolates), Feldman’s Deli (Jewish), Bud’s (veggie and vegan), Oh Mai (Vietnamese), or Even Stevens (a homegrown chain with solid sandwiches that we like because they match your purchase with a sandwich to feed the homeless).


On the more relaxed end of things, Chinatown Market is a resident favorite grocery store (great instant ramen selection), that has some delicious low key restaurants on the property strip. We get particularly excited about Chickqueen (Korean fried chicken) and One More Noodle House (traditional Chinese noodles). Mahider (Ethiopian) and Tosh (ramen) are similarly tasty places that you might otherwise drive by without noticing. For a middle level of casual, in addition to some of restaurants mentioned previously, residents like Laziz Kitchen (Middle Eastern). The chef and owner of Laziz is a James Beard semi-finalist and the partner of a Utah state senator; they frequently fundraise for the LGBTQ+ and refugee communities. Bombay House (traditional indian), Sapa (asian fusion), Red Iguana (Mexican) are all highly regarded and can get crowded. We also like to meet up at Sapa’s little sister, Purgatory Bar, which is a less ritzy but still attractive hangout spot. If you’re willing to wait (and pay) a bit more for a truly special meal out, we like Takashi (sushi) and Table X (treacho self).