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Residency Position Description

The Medical Physics Residency Program is an official program at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Division of Medical Physics in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University Of Utah School Of Medicine. Currently, the Medical Physics Residency Program is approved for two positions.

The Medical Physics Residency Program at the University of Utah consists of two years of full-time clinical training, with progressively increasing responsibilities under the supervision of qualified medical physicists.

Applicant Admission

Students entering a medical physics residency educational program should have a strong foundation in basic physics. This requirement can be met with an undergraduate or graduate degree in physics, or with a degree in an engineering discipline or another of the physical sciences. The coursework for non-physics degrees needs to be the equivalent of a minor in physics (namely one that includes at least three upper-level undergraduate physics courses).

In addition, applicants must have either graduated from a CAMPEP-accredited graduate program, completed a CAMPEP-accredited certificate program, or taken and passed coursework that satisfies the CAMPEP standards for graduate education.

The application process of the Medical Physics Residency Program is available through AAPM MP-RAP. The available position opening is listed at MP-RAP, and applicants submit all application materials to MP-RAP

Completed applications received by the deadline include:

  • CV,
  • Personal statement,
  • Transcripts of graduate school, and
  • Letters of recommendation) on MP-RAP

They will be reviewed by the Medical Physics Residency Program Director(s) and members of the medical physics group. All applicants will be ranked based on education, personal statement, transcripts, and recommendation letters. Top ranking applicants will be invited to the University of Utah for an onsite interview.

We will offer two interview days. Applicants will be ranked/scored at the completion of the interview process, and the steering committee will meet to summarize the final rank for all applicants. The Medical Physics Residency Program at University of Utah participates in the National Matching Service.

Application Statistics

Year Number of Applicants Offered Position Resident Entered Program
2016 N/A 1 1
2017 93 1 1
2018 68 1 1
2019 86 1 1