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Department of Radiology
30 North Mario Capecchi Dr, 2 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84112 

For scheduling clinical appointments


  CT or MRI 801-581-7840
  Flouroscopy/X-Ray 801-581-2306
  Mammography 801-581-5496
  Nuclear Medicine 801-581-2370
  Interventional Radiology 801-581-2967
  Ultrasound 801-581-2929


Medical Records



Copies of Image Files

Radiology file room, 801-581-2350

General Inquiries:



Training Programs

  Residencies in Diagnostic Radiology and
Interventional Radiology

Stacie England,
Associate Director, Education

  Fellowships in Diagnostic Radiology and
Interventional Radiology

Jessica Simpson
Program Manager, Fellowships

  PhD programs and
graduate students

Tatia McKaige


  Medical Students and Visiting Trainees

Jessica Colon



For the Department Chair, Satoshi Minoshima, MD, PhD


Research Support

  Amy Sikalis, Director 801-581-6088
  Tatia McKaige, Grants and Contracts Officer 801-581-5221
  Michael Mozdy, Sr. Science Communications Editor 801-608-8699
  Matthew Zabriskie, Clinical Faculty Research Manager 801-213-2464
  Suyi Niu, Clinical Research Manager 801-585-1021
  CJ Arsenault, Clinical Research Coordinator 801-587-8638
  Nousheen Alasti, Clinical Research Coordinator 801-585-6142
  Masha Chadovitch, Clinical Research Coordinator 801-581-6733
  Carla Ortiz, Research Finance and Accounting Manager 801-585-1145