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Radiology Research

Radiology is the heart of modern medicine. The ability to peer into the human body determines how we diagnose disease and injury and how we develop treatment plans. The better the images, the more accurate the diagnosis and the more effective the treatment.

Our research program within the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences is dedicated to advancing the science and application of radiologic imaging in all of its modalities: MR, CT, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound. We have a robust team of math and physics faculty who also work on the underlying mechanics and algorithms that make these technologies work, and a growing interest in machine learning applications to help make radiologic information more effective in medicine.

We support our research groups with a team of professionals - from grant administration to compliance specialists, we ensure that the research we do is well-funded, fully compliant, and broadly disseminated.

Please explore our website to learn more about our technologies, facilities, support teams, and especially the research groups and their work.

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