The Academic Success Program provides a number of resources and services for current MD students, including:


The educational transition to medical school can be challenging and demanding. To assist students with these demands, the Academic Success Program provides free individual and group tutoring.

Tutoring is a great learning tool for all students—not just those who are struggling academically.  The goal of tutoring is to enhance students’ learning by helping them achieve a greater level of material understanding and to contribute to improved course grades and long-term retention of the material. 

Working with a tutor gives students an opportunity to discover the learning and study methods that work best for them.

ASP tutors will encourage and direct, however, each student must accept personal responsibility for his/her educational progress. 

Who Are Our Tutors?

The ASP tutors are University of Utah School of Medicine students who are available to help review course content and prepare for clerkships and board exams. 

How Do I Sign Up For Tutoring? 

To request tutoring, call the Academic Success Program at 801-587-9797.


The Academic Success Program provides regular workshops on topics related to:

  • courses,
  • clerkships,
  • board exams, and
  • improvement of overall academic performance.

How Do I Sign Up For a Workshop? 

To sign up for a workshop, call the Academic Success Program at 801-587-9797.

Contact Us

Academic Success Program
30 North 1900 East, Room 1C029
Salt Lake City, UT 84132

Ella Musuris
Phone: 801-587-9797
Email: ella.musuris@hsc.utah.edu