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Emergency medicine focuses on the immediate decision making and action necessary to prevent death or any further disability both in the pre-hospital setting by directing emergency medical technicians and in the emergency department. The emergency physician provides immediate recognition, evaluation, care, stabilization, and disposition of a generally diversified population of adult and pediatric patients in response to acute illness and injury. A high-pressure, fast-paced, and diverse specialty, emergency medicine requires a broad base of medical knowledge and a variety of well-honed clinical and technical skills. The practice is primarily hospital emergency department-based, but with extensive pre-hospital responsibilities for emergency medical systems. The care provided by the emergency physician is episodic in nature and involves a full spectrum of physical and behavioral conditions. – The American Board of Medical Specialties

NRMP Match Information

Charting Outcome in the Match 2020 (Emergency Medicine on page 54)

Program Director Survey 2020 (Emergency Medicine on page 30)

Residency Training

Duration of Training: 3-4 years

Numbers of program nationally: 167

Overall competitiveness of the specialty: Med

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Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group 

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