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CV and Personal Statement Resources

CV Resources

A CV is a detailed document summarizing your professional and academic history and highlights your experience and skills.

While you may not need to upload a CV to your residency application (depending which program you use), it becomes a strong resource to reference during the application process and can also be used to apply for other opportunities.

CVs can be used to:

  • Apply to away rotations
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Apply for research opportunities
  • Provide helpful information to one’s Letter of Recommendation writers
  • As a reference when completing your residency application

Creating a CV

At the end of the day, your CV should be easy to read, consistent in formatting, and free of spelling errors. Below are some steps you can take to begin or continue working on your CV.

Refer to these website articles for additional tips regarding putting your CV together:  Careers in Medicine - "Writing a Curriculum Vitae"      

CV Templates

Refer to the below templates to see our suggested formatting techniques for your CV. You can download any of the templates and plug in your information or simply use them as a guide to identify appropriate information to include, section header names, font sizing and styling, etc.

Selecting a template is completely subjective to your preference - what layout do you like best? Keep in mind that the order in which sections are listed (with the exception of the “Education” and “Hobbies” section) can be re-arranged to accommodate the opportunity in which the CV is being used for.

CV Checklist

Once you have put together a draft of your CV, review the checklist to verify you have followed some important CV formatting guidelines and best practices.  After going through the checklist and making any necessary adjustments to your CV draft, have your advisor or mentor review it for additional feedback!

Personal Statement Resources

A personal statement is needed when applying to some away rotations and residency programs. These statements should not exceed one page. While the level of weight your personal statement carries in an application process depends on the program you are applying to, in most cases, the personal statement can do more harm than good if it is not well thought out and contains many spelling or grammatical errors.

Personal Statement Basics

Refer to these website articles for guidance on writing your personal statement:           

             Careers in Medicine – “Writing your Personal Statement

             Careers in Medicine – “Write a Winning a Personal Statement

Sample Personal Statements

 Other Resources

Use the University of Utah Writing Center for grammar and content editing

Meet with your mentor or advisor to discuss or review your personal statement.