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Theme: Experiences

The third year of medical school is packed full of experiences. Clinical experiences. With this comes a lot “a-ha!” moments, as well as moments of uncertainty. It is an exciting and demanding time. The tasks within this checklist focus on unpacking these experiences and moving forward with specialty selection.


  • Begin clinical rotations and record your reflections about your experience in each specialty
  • Create and update your CV
  • Compare your specialties of interest using the Careers in Medicine “Specialty Profiles”
  • Review the competitiveness of each specialty of interest and assess your qualifications
  • Attend RealMD Kickbacks
  • Engage mentors in discussing career questions and goals
  • Meet with your advisor to review CV and or/discuss professional questions and goal


  • If you are having trouble selecting a specialty, take Careers in Medicine “Specialty Indecision Scale” and discuss results with advisor
  • Identify your “specialty mentor” for the residency application process
  • Register for each of the residency application and match services you’ll participate in
  • Request letters of recommendation from appropriate faculty member
  • Attend RealMD Kickbacks
  • Meet with your advisor to plan fourth-year schedule