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Theme: Integration

It seems the only thing that is left to do in fourth year is apply to residency programs and graduate! But, really, this final year of medical school involves an integration of insights, experiences, and preparation in order to take the necessary steps towards these big moments.  As students work through many of the below items, it will be essential to call upon the opportunities they involved themselves in during first and second year, revisit the process they used in second year to narrow their focus, and reflect on what they learned from their clinical rotations in third year.


  • Conduct an initial search for residency programs using Careers in Medicine’s residency and fellowship program search and FRIEDA
  • Write your personal statement
  • Have your advisor review your personal statement and CV
  • Review your noteworthy characteristics for your MSPE with your advisor
  • Secure letters of recommendation for residency application
  • Prepare to interview by meeting with an advisor and/or participating in mock interviews
  • Attend RealMD kickbacks
  • Take Step 2 CK and CS


  • Attend residency interviews
  • Evaluate and compare residency programs using Careers in Medicine’s Residency Preference Exercise and Residency Program Evaluation Guide
  • Finalize your rank order list and submit to matching service
  • Be prepared and participate in Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP)if necessary
  • Participate in Match Day Ceremony
  • Take steps to prepare for your intern year and your given specialty/program
  • Attend RealMD kickbacks
  • Complete AAMC Graduation Questionnaire
  • Attend your Graduation Ceremony