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  • Books
    • Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating; Walter Willet, M.D., P.J. Skerrett, Free Press; (6/2005); 352p.
    • The U.S. Navy SEAL Guide to Fitness and Nutrition; U.S. Navy (Editor); Skyhorse Publishing (5/2007); 496 p.
  • Recommended Apps or Blogs
    • HealthyOut, free: Perfect for frequent travelers or very busy people, this app recommends healthy food options based on your location, which is tracked by GPS. It targets popular casual dining restaurants, fast-food restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores nearby. Tap one of the suggestions and a lengthy list of healthy menu items appears, complete with calorie, fat and carb totals. Once you decide on a place, simply let the built-in map guide you to gastro-satisfaction
    • Fooducate, free: Track your diet and eating, this app allows users to see a food product's nutrition grade through a barcode scanning app, enabling them to make healthier choices.
  • Other Supports and Resources


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